One hot afternoon in the year 2011,Mr.Omisore my driving school instructor shared with me his life-long dream of one day attending a Sound Bible college. Right there and then the thought occurred to me that our ministry could offer such a service.
My husband, our Prochancellor today and the President of the Ever growing ministry graduated as the best student in his set of the Ever increasing Word ministries Bible School. I was very convinced that Mr.Omisore would be thoroughly fulfilled. About two(2) months later IMPACT BIBLE SCHOOL was born.


IGNITE a THIRST and a HUNGER for the things of God in the life of the believer thus encouraging continual spiritual growth, development and a passion for The Lord that reflects in a perceivable depth of intimacy with God


To EQUIP and TRAIN church workers and fellow believers making them fit for the master's use in generating an impact and making a difference in their communities, on the job and in their various spheres of influence.

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